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If i were they demon (documenta remix)




"Darkness has always been more appealing than the light. Truly, that moment between day and night is where we find the real truth about ourselves, and there are none more adept at chronicling this netherworld than songwriter Robyn G Shiels. Perhaps now it’s time to embrace the darkness. Our lives will be so much richer for it"

Steven Edward Rainey (BBC RADIO ARTS EXTRA)

"It's hard to accurately place Robyn G Shiel's voice, difficult to categorise such smoke-stained vocal chords alongside the usual, semi-stereotypical singer-songwriter figures. The smell of booze on his breath, complemented by tales of whiskey drinking born of a Belfast depression, possesses a greater depth than the huskily phrased, mysterious musings of Will Oldham"

Drowned in Sound 

"'s down to Robyn G Shiels to warm up the crowd with his interesting strand of gothic-tinged folk. He informs the audience that he "writes songs to depress people" before indulging Manchester in half an hour's worth of delightfully miserable acoustic tunes. Shiels sounds nothing like Death Spells, but his music is at heart depressed and cathartic, making him an oddly inspired choice for support..."



If I were thy demon

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LIve Dates



Decent Tunes for decent folk

by Robyn G Shiels

Robyn g Shiels


Robyn's songs come from the place most of us try to avoid. Brutally honest, they lay bare a soul searching and willing to make a connection, but continually left wanting by that same search. Or perhaps that is what we reflect onto his songs, because again, he has never fully explained what any of them are about.

The only thing that is certain is the bravery. It takes a strong soul to stare into the dark and try to make sense of the shapes.