Wandering Star/Live Date

Robyn will be playing at Magpie Records (60-62 Ann Street) on Thursday the 3rd of November. This gig is in no way associated with the MTV Awards taking place later in the week, obviously, but is part of Belfast Music Week so it sort of is. This gig is an early show, 6pm, along with Malojian […]

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Playing Host to Ideas (alt version) **free download**

this version was performed for L.A. Radio station Indie 103.1fm,Chuck P. liked it that much he asked for it to be put in a small independent N.Y. film…way te go!! Playin’ Host to Ideas(radio edit.) by robyngshiels

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In a Month of Sundays – Free Download

In a Month of Sundays by robyngshiels

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The Great Depression – Download

The Great Depression EP is available now from iTunes for £2.49. Praise for The Great Depression EP “Songs ring with authenticity and bitter experience” – Folly of Youth “…Shiels’ naked voice – bruised, yet richly timbered and endearing” – James Meredith – Culture Northern Ireland “…morose stripped-down laments, albeit exquisitely beautiful ones” – A new […]

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The First To Know – Free Download

05 the First to Know.. by robyngshiels

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A Lifetime of Midnights – Download

Robyn’s first album, A Lifetime of Midnights, is now available from iTunes for £7.99 Praise for A lifetime of Midnights from Mike Diver at Drowned in Sound. It’s hard to accurately place* Robyn G Shiels voice, difficult to categorise such smoke-stained vocal chords alongside the usual, semi-stereotypical singer-songwriter figures. The smell of booze on his […]

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Hell Awaits for all Eternally – Free Download

01 hell waits for all eternally by robyngshiels

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